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How to know if the baby hears well

How to know if the baby hears well

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Subjecting the baby to auditory stimuli and observing how he reacts to these stimuli is a perfect way to see if the baby's hearing and hearing are working properly. This stimulation can begin even when the baby is in its mother's womb. It will be something very positive for the development of your language and communication.

From the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, the baby already hears many sounds that pass outside the mother's womb. The voice of his mother, father, songs, noises from the street, etc., for this reason it is very important, during this stage, not to expose the baby to loud and excessive sounds. It is advisable to put different types of music on him and always talk to him so that when he is born he can recognize and relate the voice he heard with the face of his parents.

Once the baby is born, it is very important that we continue to stimulate his hearing and ears. It is recommended to speak face to face and at the same height as him, using different tones of voice, moving your mouth well and making faces.

Imitation games such as taking and moving the tongue from one side of the mouth to the other or blowing kisses with noises, favors the baby's hearing and language, apart from creating a communication link between his parents and him. The baby will identify the movements of your face and mouth with the sounds that are produced. The voice of your parents is one of the most stimulating sounds for the baby.

All the sounds that pass around the baby are stimuli for his hearing. My daughter, for example, loved the sounds of the leaves of the trees, the songs of the birds ... Her little eyes began to move without stopping. On the other hand, the noises we made with the pots in the kitchen or the ambulance, or even the thunder, they didn't like at all. It made her nervous and uncomfortable. What is your children's favorite sound?

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