Childish story. Sneaker race

Childish story. Sneaker race

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Shoe race, a story that you can read on our site about the value of friendship. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct.

Books, stories, fables or poems provide parents with a perfect tool to educate children in values.

The big day had finally arrived. All the animals in the forest got up early because it was the day of the big sneaker race! By nine they were all gathered by the lake.

There was also the giraffe, the tallest and most beautiful in the forest. But she was so smug that she didn't want to be friends with other animals.

The jiraba began to make fun of her friends:

- Ha, ha, ha, ha, he laughed at the turtle that was so short and so slow.

- Ho, ho, ho, he laughed at the rhino that was so fat.

- Heh, heh, heh, he laughed at the elephant because of its long trunk.

And then, it was time to start.

The fox was wearing yellow and red striped slippers. The zebra, pink ones with very big bows. The monkey wore green sneakers with orange polka dots.

The tortoise put on cloud-white slippers. And when they were about to start the race, the giraffe began to cry desperately.

She was so tall that she couldn't tie her shoelaces!

- Ahhh, ahhhh, somebody help me! - shouted the giraffe.

And all the animals stared at her. But the fox went to talk to her and said:

- You laughed at the other animals because they were different. It is true, we are all different, but we all have something good and we can all be friends and help each other when we need it.

Then the giraffe apologized to everyone for having laughed at them. And the ants came, quickly crawling up his slippers to tie the laces.

And finally all the animals were put on the starting line. Ready, Set, Set, GO!

When the race finished, everyone celebrated because they had won a new friend who had also learned what friendship meant.

Colorín, colorón, if you want to have many friends, accept them as they are.


Short story by Alejandra Bernardis Alcain (Argentina)

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