Valentine congratulates all new parents

Valentine congratulates all new parents

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For Valentine's Day, I want to congratulate all the couples who are soon to be parents. Expecting a baby is the best gift to celebrate her love, right now, when women are putting off motherhood for as long as we can.

My grandmother had my mother when she was 20 years old, because, as she herself said, 'that's how it was seen at that time, we married very young and had children very early'. My mother, on the other hand, had me at 26 and I had my first child at 31. Unlike my mother and my grandmother, I did not have children so early because before starting a family, I wanted to finish my studies and consolidate my career.

Thanks to the social achievements for which women continue to work today, today we aspire to be successful in our profession, to greater social participation and to better living conditions before considering having a child.

From a medical point of view, the optimal age to get pregnant is between 20 and 35 years old, as this is when your body, in general, and your reproductive system in particular, are best prepared. If the pregnancy occurs at these ages and not before 18 or after 40, complications such as premature births, hypertensive disorders, malformations and brain deficiencies are avoided.

However, according to a recent study carried out by the English professor John Mirowski, the ideal age for motherhood is 34 years, because certain health problems decrease after 22 years and reach the lowest level at 34 years , increasing again after that age. However, having the first child at this age would affect a second pregnancy, which would surely take place at 37 or 38 years, the age at which the fertility rate begins to decline.

And what do young people think? According to a survey conducted by for Valentine's Day, the majority of young people, 65 percent, expect to be married before the age of 30. And it is that starting a family is a priority for the majority of the adolescents surveyed, since 51 percent recommend having children before the age of 30 and 37 percent believe that they can be between 30 and 35 years old. Only 6 percent believe that it is best not to have children.

Therefore, if you are pregnant and in love, Valentine's day is your day. For 90 percent of those surveyed, the perfect plan to celebrate Valentine's Day would be to have a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway to a charming hotel.

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