The milking cow. Rugeles poem

The milking cow. Rugeles poem

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The poetry by Manuel Felipe Rugeles It covers a wide variety of people of different ages, although there is also room for children among its works. And it is that poetry is a fundamental part of children's learning.

In Guiainfantil we have chosen the poem of The milking cow so you can read it with your children and learn to value poetry and how Rugeles captures the beauty of nature in his verses.

Morning light and green meekness across the field.

Let go of the old song over the slow flocks.

Oh, the milking cow, so meek, so silent!

How it licks the calf and how it wags its tail!

Paunchy and with those clear eyes that the sky portray,

Oh, how he comes home from the country every afternoon!

Oh, the milking cow, with both white ears

and a little star on the forehead!

Brown skin and black spots!

Author: Manuel Felipe Rugeles

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